www.Ebravo .PK for Android Working APP Free

Ebravo .PK for Android Working APP Free

Ebravo .PK for Android free download and this is Working APP. Free Watch Movies TV Shows the latest Movie, Ebravo pk is the new website but this website is banned.

Ebravo PK is now this time is close and now I have a working app of e bravo pk free.

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Vidmate App Download HD Video Downloader for Android, MAC, PC

Vidmate App Download HD Video Downloader for Android, MAC, PC

Vidmate App Download is the latest version that we have today for all Android devices. I hope we don’t necessarily go through the introduction of the Vidmate app. Anyhow, you are here looking for the latest version which is Vidmate Apk 2018. Get it installed on your Android devices and download memes, videos, clips from various resources on the internet such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.


The best part of the latest version is that it comes with power-packed features such as the ability to access 20+ different apps for free and a lot more. Once you install it on your Android device, you will be able to view, search, watch, download movies, tv shows, memes, videos without any difficulty. Check more about the latest features it carries.

Vidmate App Download is the latest version that we have today for all Android devices. I hope we don’t necessarily go through the introduction of the Vidmate app. Anyhow, you are here looking for the latest version which is Vidmate Apk 2020. Get it installed on your Android devices and download memes, videos, clips from various resources on the internet such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.


The best part of the latest version is that it comes with power-packed features such as the ability to access 20+ different apps for free and a lot more. Once you install it on your Android device, you will be able to view, search, watch, download movies, tv shows, memes, videos without any difficulty. Check more about the latest features it carries.

Download and Install Vidmate Apk File on Windows or Mac PC

I don’t want to waste your time! let’s discuss the facts and possible ways to get vidmate for personal computers. Vidmate is not designed for personal computers running Windows or Mac operating systems.


But there is a method using which you can download and install all Android apps and games using the Android emulators. You don’t need to worry about the process as we are here to help you start it with the scratch.

   Download Bluestacks Latest Version for Windows or Mac

  1. Download and Install the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC (Windows or Mac). Installing Bluestacks is not a big deal as you can directly download a setup file from the official site.
  2. Finished installing Bluestacks? open it up and log in with your Google account. You may create one if you don’t have a google account from here.
  3. Now you need to go to the location of the Vidmate file you have saved on your computer. Select the file and right-click on it and choose “Open with Bluestacks”; that will install the application on your computer inside the emulator.
  4. Installation may take some time and you don’t necessarily need to maintain the working internet connection while the installation is progressing. Of course, you need a working internet connection to watch anything on the Vidmate app on your device.
  5. Once you finish installing the Vidmate app on your computer, you are all set to use it without any issues.

Just open up the app and browse anything you want or choose any video from the home screen and start watching.

Why Vidmate 2019 Version Preferred?

Vidmate is not a new app; it was released back a few years but the developers working hard enough to release the updates to the core app. Which means, in 2014 you will be able to download Vidmate 2014 version and so on.

So far we have various versions, subversions and you can check all of them right here. Vidmate 2018 version is the latest one which has got a tremendous response over the old versions. That’s the reason why most of the users searching for the 2018’s apk file for all Android devices.

What’s new in 2018’s version?

Few major improvements you can check though.

  1. Multiple Downloads: Yes, you can download as many videos as you can at a time if your internet connection is supportive and has enough speed. On top of that, you can watch and download videos simultaneously.
  2. Live TV: Watch more than 200 live tv channels for free of cost at your palm.

Those are the major improvements you can notice in the Vidmate app 2018’s version. But on the other hand, you will be missing some awesome features that were in the previous versions; don’t panic! you can get them back by downloading the Vidmate Old Version apps.

Hulu Apk 2019 Download for Android iOS iPhone, Firestick PC

Hulu Apk 2019 Download for Android iOS iPhone, Firestick PC

Latest Hulu Apk Download for Android iOS iPhone, Firestick PC: Hulu is a personalized video content streaming app that has a great collection of Ebravo movies, TV shows, live TV and much more channels added to their library. This huge video library of Hulu has every other content that a person shall search over the internet.


The app has been created exclusively for Android device users and Hulu Android download links are widely available for a free download at two different formats. One can either download Hulu Apk for Android mobile or tablet by visiting the official web portal of Hulu, or by visiting Google’s Play Store to directly install the app to their Android running devices.

When you have chosen to download Hulu Apk files, make sure to get the latest Hulu Apk 2019 version that has lots of new features and bugs fixed in them.

Download Hulu Apk for Android Devices

Hulu Apk download


The Hulu app is mostly preload with many Android TVs, yet it yours does not have one; you need to follow up below mention steps to install them to your android running TV.

► Open up Google’s Play Store from your Android Device.

►► Type ‘Hulu’ on the search box that can found on the left side of your TVs home screen.

►►► Make a click upon Hulu icon to load them up.

hulu plus apk download


► Once it gets load, click upon the Download button.

►► The installation shall start and get finished within a minute of time.

Hulu App Installed


►►► Once the installation gets completed, open up the app from your television home screen.

Enter down your Hulu credentials, if you have already registered with Hulu to continue watching your favourite video contents straight on your Android Television.

One can also install the Hulu app to their Android TV through apk files. Download Hulu Apk Android Tv file from the official web portal of Hulu.

Watch Online Free latest Movies: CyberFlix APK MOvie APP

Hulu Android Download Apk File

Other than downloading the Hulu app through apk files, the android users can directly visit the Play Store of Google from their Android running device and search for the app and then install them at ease. By downloading the app through Google’s Play Store, the users can get frequent updates that are usually releasing by Hulu to enhance various video streaming features in them. Also, these updates can automatically download, unlike the Hulu Android Apk files where one needs to constantly visit the official website and download the latest apk file version to stay update.

Hulu Apk Download for Android Mobile

By getting the links to download Hulu Apk file from their official website, you are about to install the latest and updated version of Hulu straight to your Android running smartphone or tablet.

Hulu is not only known to be the best video streaming service provider, but it is also known for releasing frequent updates to their users even in the form of apk files too. The Hulu Live Apk files have every other new feature and bugs fixed on them.

Hulu Apk Installation Steps

You must have already figured out about how to download Hulk Apkfile to your Android running smartphone or tablet with. Visit the official web portal of Hulu and download the apk file from them.

Android devices do not permit its users to install apk files at first instance, yet, one can install the app directly to their device by turning on a feature that permits access to them.

Once you have downloaded the apk file, you need to follow up below-mentioned steps to install them to your Android device.

  • Get into the ‘Settings’ menu from your Android running smartphone or tablet.
  • Scroll down until you find ‘Unknown Sources’ tab with.
  • Click upon them and then turn on ‘Unknown Sources’.

hulu apk installation

  • By turning this feature on, you have given the needed permission for your android device to install the apk file with.
  • Bypassing this feature is highly safe as Hulu is about to let you watch your favourite video contents on the go, and no kind of harm shall happen to your device from them.
  • After turning this feature on, visit the official web portal of Hulu and download the latest apk file from them.
  • Installing the apk file takes less than a minute.
  • Once the installation gets complete, open up the app and enter your login credentials if you already have a Hulu or create one to start watching your favourite videos from your Android running smartphone or tablet.
  • These apk files can install even on devices that are running old versions of Android in them.

Benefits of having a Hulu Plus account

hulu plus apk download


Hulu has different premium accounts which their users can opt to subscribe and use with. One such notable account is the Hulu Plus account and it has many new unique features in them that can let the users get the best video watching experience straight from their Android smartphones.

The Hulu Plus account features a rich user experience with an impressive switch that use to control the video playback in your android device.

The video and sound quality in Hulu Plus Apk 2019 accounts are top notches and one must definitely try downloading them to their Android-running smartphones.

It has simple swipe gestures and one can even browse for a video to stream through different categories like, genre, alphabetical, or the date in which the content adding to Hulu with.

The queue option in Hulu Plus accounts lets its users queue the videos which they are about to watch one after them. By this way, the users get to cleanly organize their online video watching experience and customize the video playback as per their wish.

Best apps like Hulu App

Hulu has some serious Hulu Alternative apps that are known for providing the same kind of video streaming services to its users. But, when it comes to Hulu app, the users get an option to stream their favourite video content directly on any Android running device, like a smartphone, tablet or even on an Android TV, which is highly not present with other apps that have labelled them to be a competitor of Hulu app.

This type of availability on every other Android device has made Hulu the best video streaming service provider in recent times.


링크티비 Link TV [v0.1.0.89] APK Download for Android

링크티비 Link TV APK Download for Android

링크티비 – 무료 예능, 드라마, 영화, 애니메이션 for Android, 링크 TV는 음악, 비디오 등을 재생하는 데 아주 좋은 무료 안드로이드 응용 프로그램입니다.

Link TV APK Download for Android 링크티비








링크 티비 우회 경로 링크 티비 버퍼링 링크티비




iTube APP APK For iPhone,iPad,Apple Free Download

iTube APP APK For iPhone,iPad, Apple Free Download

iTube Download for iPhone and iPad – Latest VersioniTube is one of the most popular videos player app with a set of stunning features like Video Search Engine, Offline Video Player, Playlist manager and many other more. The app is available for Android and iOS for absolutely free.

However, it is not available on any official App Store for the platforms. You have to take help from an additional source from where you can download this app. It packs with unlimited entertainment for everyone.

Fortunately, iTube for iPhone and iPad is now available and you can download this app from various sources for free. More details about the app are given below, take a look!

iTube for iPhone and iPad App Download

Unlike other video players, iTube App has kind of a unique User Interface where you can explore a huge world of entertainment where you can fetch any of your favourite videos instantly. If you are familiar with the app user, you can get the most of the app within your smartphone.

The app doesn’t ask you for any additional technical skills. Anyone can start getting their hands-of the app which is amazingly beautiful.

iTube offers tons of features and for that reason, people love to use this app for ultimate entertainment.

As you might know, the iTube app was initially available only for the Android platform and its devices. The app has gained more popularity and for that, it is now available for iOS devices as well.

iTube APK download

iTube for iOS:

You can now run iTube on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and a few other advanced ones.

There are many reasons why people love to use this app. It’s simple yet an impressive user interface makes everyone able to use it more effectively. You don’t even need to be a skilful person in order to use this app.

You just need to install the app and it will automatically let you know the meaning of it.

Of course, you might have played or used a number of such video streaming apps on your device. However, iTube for iPhone has got a set of unique features which are there to amaze its users at the very first use of it.

In order to know more about this iTube app, you should know something more about it.

Following we have managed to compile a list of all the useful features of this app which lets you know more about it. Kindly follow this list of iTube features and know more about its use and the functionality of it from it. Here’s the list!

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Features of iTube or iPhone and iPad

  • Watch and surf any of your favourite videos instantly within the app
  • Video Search engine lets you search for your videos within the Search box
  • Users are allowed to watch and stream videos for free
  • The app works on high-speed Internet connection
  • Simple and easy to use user interface designed for all types of people
  • The lightweight app is compatible with all types of iOS devices
  • A number of special categories to search and surf your desired videos within the app
  • User can instantly download selected items or videos from within the app
  • iTube is also compatible with Headphones which means you can control your music or videos without touching the device
  • Create your own playlist to add your favourite videos within it
  • The app will save the videos to watch them offline without the Internet connection
  • iTube is directly integrated with YouTube which means you can fetch the videos directly from YouTube to search for the desired videos
  • User can create multiple playlists for unlimited entertainment within your device
  • User can bookmark the videos which they already have watched in the past
  • It consumes a lesser amount of battery which offers more hour of entertainment and many other more

iTube App:

In other words, iTube is basically there to spend some entertaining time if you have no companion around. The app has a special video search engine which enables you to search for anything. iTube has millions of downloads globally just because of its decent user interface. It packs with tons of features and amazing functionality for unlimited entertainment. Surprisingly, you can get all these for free. You don’t need to pay anything to anyone in order to use the app.

iTube for iPhone or iPad:


Unfortunately, iTube is not available on any official app store which means you have to take help from an additional source. Yes, you are not allowed to download iTube for your iPhone or iPad, in order to get the iTube app, you have to download an additional app or store from where you can install all third party apps which are not officially available.

You are lucky enough to know the app and its installation process from here. Yes, there are a couple of ways with which you can download and install the iTube app to your current iOS device.

Both the processes are very simple which requires no technical skill. We have managed to prepare detailed installation guidelines here. You just need to follow the guidelines and at the end, you will get a required result.


Since iTube is a third party app it is now not available on the official AppStore or iTunes Store. It will soon be available to download on these stores. In order to do so, you can download it from third-party sources and then can install it manually to your device by following the given steps. It’s all risky sometimes, it may harm your device.

We’d not be a responsible person if you have any issues after installing this app to your device.

Method 1: iTube for iPhone and iPad App Download

Download iTube for iPhone & iPad:

Step 1 :

Take your iPhone or iPad device and launch a browser app. Go to Apps menu where you can see installed web browsing apps such as Google Chrome or Safari.

Step 2 :

Now, surf the web well for iTube IPA file. There are a number of sources available from where you can download iTube IPA file compatible with your current iOS device.

Step 3 :

Get a proper compatible IPA file for your iOS device from the web.

Step 4 :

Now, go to your device’s File Manager app. Tap the installed File Manager app and search for an IPA file of the iTube app from there. Tap the Search box and search for iTube IPA there. Then you can hit the Enter button. iTube IPA file will be presented to you.

Step 5 :

Tap on the file to start the installation process of it.

Step 6 :

You could see that the installation process of iTube will take place itself. It will take several minutes to complete the process. Soon, the iTube app will be installed on your system.

iTube app has been installed on your device. In order to start using the app, just go to the Apps menu of your device. Here you could see a list of all apps and games which are already installed on the device along with the recent one, iTube. Just tap on the icon of iTube from here and start using the app right away. You are now free to explore the World of entertainment within your device.

So, folks, this one was method 1 to install the iTube app from the web by downloading a proper compatible IPA file of it. Now, let’s move further on the method- 2 which let us guide about installing it from the external app store.

Method 2: iTube Download for iPhone

Follow Steps:

Step 1 :

First, go to your iPhone or iPad’s web browser app. And follow the below-given link there.

Download vShare for iOS

Step 2 :

Hit the above link once, you will be taken to an official Download page of the vShare app.

Step 3 :

Download vShare for iOS from the page. It will take a while, soon the vShare app will be downloaded to your device.

Step 4 :

Now, you just need to launch the vShare app on your device. Go to your Apps menu and tap on the vShare app’s icon.

Step 5 :

On the homepage, you could see a number of apps and games which you can directly download for your iOS device. Of course, you will be asked to take the permission of the apps and games available on this platform.

Step 6 :

You could see a Search box on the homepage. Kindly select it by tapping on the box. Search for iTube into the box and you will get all related apps there. Here you have to make a wise choice to download a related app which offers the same functionality of the iTube app. Kindly make a proper selection and download the app from there.

Step 7 :

Wait for a few seconds and the app installing on your device. It will be right there on your device’s Apps menu.

So that’s all you have to do in order to download and install the iTube app on a respective iOS devices, iPhone and iPad. The app is full of surprises as you can use it effectively to unleash the best of entertainment within your device. You can get the best of music in terms of videos and mp3 files.

iTube Music Player:

A most interesting feature of this app is you can use this app as a default Music Player app on your device. iTube runs as a background application which you can use it even if you close down the app from the device.

The music will be running just like any other music player app. You can manage the music by scrolling down the notification panel on your device. You could see this iTube app there, just select it and the app will be launched.

Additionally, iTube offers a lot of functionalities to use while exploring your music. The app is designed for all types of people with different interests in music. and You will get special lists with top 100 songs, best songs and much more.

You can start playing the given playlist within the app. Dear, You can watch or just listen to the music at your ease, all it requires is a good Internet speed to stream out the things online.

There are many different categories available within the Playlists sections such as Top 100, Alternative, Children’s music, classical, comedy and much more. The best part of it is the user can add his own favourite items on the list by creating a new Playlist.

Just go to the Playlists section where you can see a button New, select this button and you will be entering the name of that playlist. You can then add music to this playlist easily. Following Screenshot will give you more idea about it.

iTube iOS:

You can now start using this app on your iOS device. Just go to your Apps menu where you can see an icon of the app.

Tap it out and you can start using the app right away. You can stream and download your favourite videos and movies within this app for your Android to watch them in the future even if you don’t have web connectivity. It’s amazingly beautiful and gives you the best of entertainment.

If you know any other such stunning entertaining Music app or you have one installed on your device, don’t forget to share it with us.

Final Words:

We’d love to know more about such apps. Apart from this, if you have any questions or queries to be asked, just let us know in the comments given below this post. We’d definitely like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions about the iTube app. this is also Nomao Camera.

You can share your feedback anytime, always welcomed. If you have something to suggest, drop us here in the comment section or you can even send it via email by filling up the contact form.

Top 3 Best Movie APK 2019: Watch latest HD Movies Online Free

Top 3 Best Movie APK 2019: Watch latest HD Movies Online Free

Hi, Want to watch Latest Movie in Hd Then you are the right place here are the best movies apk 2019 that allow us to watch movies online free, and you can save the movies on your mobile phone.

some android HD Movie application is legal but some are not legal, you can install these apps with your own grantee.

1. Movie HD APK

Moviebox App APK Download

This is the best movie apk that is very amazing to watch latest online movies free on your own mobile phone, Samsung, tablet, pc, windows you can install this app on every device but you need some guidance to install this app on the PC, Windows.

2. Cartoon HD APK

Cartoon HD APk is the latest Android app that also gives us permission to watch the latest movies online, you need to just install this android apk and open it and choose your movie for watching or search your movies, tv shows, programs etc and watch.

3. CyberFlix APK

CyberFlix APK download 2019

CyberFlix APK is the tranding adroid app 2019 and it is also allow us to watch latest movies on our android mobile phone without cost, and we can save movies on your android device, you can install this app on iPhone, Samsung, Windows, PC, iOS etc, it is amazing android app , you can install it and use it , everything is very easy to do.

TubeMate APK Download (Old Version) Free for Android

TubeMate APK Download (Old Version) Free for Android

TubeMate Download: Streaming YouTube videos online is the favourite pastime of the nation today, especially on their Smartphone and tablets. But, what about when you are offline with data or Wi-Fi, well this is TubeMate comes to your rescue.

Tubemate apk download all version free for android

TubeMate APK is the best YouTube Downloader which can efficiently download all the favourite YouTube videos for you which you can stream later.

This application offers you with the ease of saving the videos in different ways into your device which can be stream later.

The TubeMate APK helps you manage the download YouTube videos and also allow you to select qualities of videos from 144p to HD 1080p and the latest version even allow downloading videos with 4K resolution.

You can store the videos on the SD card to save memory space of the device and stream the videos later without internet connectivity.

The latest version of TubeMate comes with an integrate media player which can play varied file formats offline. It supports different file formats including mp4, mp3, 3gp, Flv, and Ogg files.

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TubeMate APK Download for Android iOS – Latest Version:

The latest version of TubeMate APK for Android is not available at Google Play Store and thereby intereste users are required to download the APK from reliable external sources. There are many external sources over the internet that can help you to download the latest version of TubeMate APK.

While downloading it from online sources, ensure to get the latest version which is 2.4.4 version of TubeMate. Download the TubeMate APK on your PC and transfer it to the phone, if you are using a PC for downloading TubeMate.

Before opening the APK file on your phone you need to enable the “Unknown Source” option to accept the downloading of files from third party sources

Upon clicking the TubeMate APK file the installation will start and once the installation is complete you can disable back the “Unknown Source” from settings again

After successful installation of the Tubemate, An icon will be created on the home screen. You need to click on it to launch the application and enjoy downloading your favourite YouTube videos directly which you can enjoy streaming later offline

(Mediafire Links)

How to Use TubeMate APK Latest Version of Android Device?

After the TubeMate APK successfully download and install on your device, you need to tap on the option of notification available at the drop-down navigation bar right at the top corner of the screen. Now follow the prompts and once the installation is over click on “Done”

Launch the TubeMate APK by tapping on the icon on the home screen. From the search bar, you can start searching for your favourite YouTube videos which you want to download. From the list select the favourite video and also the resolution and finally click on the green download button

The downloading may take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection. So, have patience till the downloading of the video is complete. Moreover, the download videos will be stored directly on the location which you have selected for storage. It is suggested that you must select the SD card option for storage of the download videos to save memory space of your device.

What are the Reasons for Downloading TubeMate APK Latest Version?

  • The TubeMate APK latest version comes with simple user-friendly interface and menus and it takes no time to master it
  • The latest version of TubeMate APK is compatible with most of the Android versions including 2.0 and higher
  • There is no cost involve in downloading and installing the application and even downloading of YouTube videos though, this application is free of cost.
  • The TubeMate APK allows downloading videos in multiple qualities which range from 144p to HD quality of 1080p
  • The TubeMate APK latest version also supports music only download the mp3 files and its video converter allows converting videos to an mp3 version with one click.
  • There are no restrictions for downloading videos and you can download unlimited numbers of YouTube videos through this application
  • It comes with built-in video player and supports playlist
  • It enables sharing of files via email and Twitter

Final Word:

You have now Youtube videos downloader apk that name is Tubemate now you can download any video from the social network.

(Fix) Showbox Not Working Issue : Video Unavailable May 2019!

Fix Showbox Not Working Issue: Showbox not Loading Errors May 2019!

Showbox is an amazing Android application that allows the people to watch their desired movies, TV Series and a lot more. There are numerous streaming apps available on the web that allows the users to stream their preferred content with much ease on various devices. You can stream your desired movies, sports games, TV shows and much more in your preferred quality of the video. According to some survey, Showbox is one of the most downloaded and installed apps from the Google Play Store app store marketplace. Showbox is the great application for all the Android users but there are some problems associated with this application.

Download: Movie HD APK

Sometimes, folks stumble upon the issues like Showbox not operating, the app not loading, video not available try another server and Showbox app server errors. If you have ever come across some issues, you can check out the simple solutions provided in this post. We have come up with the best solutions so as to fix these errors related to Showbox application for Android. Check it out!

Showbox Not Working Error/Fix Showbox App Server Error

Here are the simple steps that help the users fix the Showbox application on your Android device:

First of all, go to Settings on your Android device.
Just click on the overall possibility and hit the appliance Manager possibility on your phone.

Navigate to any or all Applications section on your phone and click on on the Showbox app gift in it.

Open the Showbox application and click on Clear information and Clear Cache possibility. This way you can easily delete the whole data and cache on the Showbox application.

You can now restart the Showbox application and start watching your desired movies for free in HD quality.

Fix Showbox Too Slow Error

In case, your Showbox app is working too slow then, you need to fix that error. For that, just follow the below steps:
First of all, turn off your Wi-Fi through the network settings.
Clear the complete cache on your Android mobile phone that comprises of the app’s cache data.

Turn on the Wi-Fi and you need to connect to a certain network connection.
That’s all! You can then access the Showbox app without any sluggishness.

Showbox Video Not Available Error

Video Not Available Try Another Server

At the time of accessing the Showbox app, you might get the error that says ‘video not available. Try another server’. This error usually appears whilst playing a Showbox video. To fix this error you need to just follow the below steps:
You need to download Opera VPN on your Android phone. It can be downloaded for free of cost.

Access the VPN and connect to a server in your selected region.

 download Opera VPN

Navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Showbox >> Clear information and cache.

How To Fix showbox not working

You can then launch the Showbox app again and you can find that the videos are loading precisely.

Showbox has Stopped Working

Reinstallation of the Showbox app is that the solely answer to repair ‘Showbox has stopped working’ error. In order to fix this error, just follow the simple steps provided below:
At first, download the latest version of Showbox apk file on your Android device.

Ensure that you have downloaded it on your PC.
Connect your mobile phone to the computer and transfer the apk file.
Access your SD card from your mobile device.

You can then start the installation of Showbox App apk.

After the completion of the installation, you can launch the latest version of Showbox APK file.

Update Showbox to New Version

Update Showbox to New Version

Whenever you try to update the latest version of Showbox app then, the previous version will fail to sync the essential data. As a result, the data will be crashed and you need to confront numerous errors. When you face such issues then, you need to update it with the latest version of Showbox app on Android phone. This aids the users to remove the outdated and corrupted stuff from the app.

Fix Showbox APK ‘Video Not offered attempt another Server’ Issue

After downloading the Showbox app on your Android phone, the users might sometimes come across errors with this app. The app crashes or sometimes, errors pop up on the screen saying video not available try another server. In order to unravel such variety of errors, we’ve come back up with a straightforward answer. Just follow the simple steps to fix this error that appear while using the Showbox app.

When you start watching a movie on the Showbox app, you might come across video not available try another server error. In order to overcome this issue, you need to update the application to the latest version on your smartphone. You can then clear the cache date from the Settings option. Another solution is to tap on the movie you wish to watch. Just click on the option that says Watch now from the two options. If you do not find the ‘video not available’ on the server, you need to choose between the two server options.

How To Fix Showbox App Not Working | Video Unavailable and Update To Server Error

Since showbox app becomes very popular, many people try to get this app for streaming movies and tv serials. Surprisingly, this app even can be used on any platform such as android devices (Phone, Tablet, FireStick), Bluestacks on PC/Laptop and Mac, Blackberry, Iphone, Ipad. However, like any other application, showbox app often inflicts some troubles faced by users. And it becomes more annoying when users are about to access this app for streaming movies or tv serials.


Yet, you do not need a worry, as on this article, we share all troubleshooting that will help you to fix your showbox troubles in a simple guidance. So, you can solve it by yourself.

Showbox App Not Working

Showbox not working commonly caused by some trouble that we already listed bellow :
Update Error 
This notification pop up when updating program to the latest version from server at the first time we open showbox app.
Showbox App Not Working
Video Not Available Try Another Server
This notification pop up when accessing on tv show and serial.
Video Not Available Try Another Server
Showbox Has Stopped
This notification pup up when we are about to streaming movies.
Showbox Has Stopped

How To Fix

To solve that the problems above, please follow this instructions :
1. Do clear data & clear cache on showbox app info
Please find Menu – Settings – Apps – Press on Showbox then do Clear Data & Clear cache.
How To Fix showbox not working
2. Uninstall & Install New Version.
This is the last step when you found the 1st step above still not working. Please grab here to get .
Final Words

That’s all! These are the most frequently caused issues with Showbox app. Most commonly, we confront Showbox not working error. Hope this tutorial has given you a detailed explanation to fix the Showbox related errors. The users can easily fix or solve the above-mentioned errors using the simple solutions provided in this post. You can now start enjoying your desired movies and TV series with much ease. For more queries and doubts, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments section. We try to send the retort as soon as possible.

(Original) Ludo Star APK Download Free for Android

Original Ludo Star APK Download Free for Android

Ludo Star APK 2017

Ludo Star is the most famous game and Indian developer made it in android apk and upload it in google play store but now ludo star app is not in the google play store,

I don’t know why LudoStar Game is removed from the Google Play store but maybe here the big problem in ludostar game.

ludo star apk 2017

Download APK

Real LudoStar Super King Old APK

CLICK here: Ludo Star APK Free

How To Download Ludo Star:

there are so simple why because we are with you, we give you the direct download link in this article then you need to click and download the ludo star super king apk file and save it on your android phone.

Ludo Star APK

How To install LudoStar App:

it is also so simple way to install ludo star super king old apk file from your phone, I hope you have competed for the download process and your saved ludo star apk file on your Android device or phone.

if Yes then Go Next…

Find Ludo Star APK file from your android phone and open it, when you have open it asks to install? you need to click on install, then installation process being start and you have done the installation.

Download APK

Real Ludo Star Super King Old APK

CLICK here: Ludo Star APK Free

I hope we don’t need to teach you how to play. hahaha

Thank you for reading the whole article.

Best Rooting App APK For Android 2019

Best Rooting App For Android 2019

Best Rooting APK for Android

Are you searching for the best rooting app for your android device? Then my friend you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the best android root app. Along with it, we will also take a look at what is rooting? Why we need it and its advantage. So after reading this post, you will never stick between lots of rooting software and can select the best android rooting software.

What Is Rooting And Why We Need It?

Rooting for an Android is the process of getting Admin Permission or all Administrative access or Root access over the Android device.

We need rooting to get full privileged control and to cross all limitations over the Android device, Smartphone or Tablets.

It is similar to jailbreaking of an iOS device. So both terms do work same just terms are different according to an operating system.

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Supersu APK – Download Supersu Pro APK V2.82
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Advantages Of Rooting Any Device:

  1. Boost Your Phone’s Speed and Battery Life
  2. Install Incompatible Apps
  3. Block Ads
  4. Backup Everything on your Phone
  5. Remove Preinstalled apps
  6. Flash a Custom ROM

To download KingRoot apk, go the link given below:

Kingroot APK

2. SuperSU APK and Zip

SuperSU is an app for rooting Android, which can grant or reject access to root when app requests root access. It determines and record your choice and allows those apps to access root without warning. It also makes a record of root accesses of rooted Android devices. It is one of the best app to root your android phone and a good choice to help you root without Computer.

There are many reasons to choose it that are listed below:

  1. It shows root access prompting, logging, and notifications.
  2. It has a choice to unroot or completely unroot your phone or tablet temporarily.
  3. It works even when Android is not correctly booted.
  4. It wakes on prompt
  5. It Works as a system app.
  6. It can accesses it by dialling *#*#7873778#*#* or *#*#1234#*#* from the dialer; even it stays hidden from the launcher.
  7. There electable themes Dark, Light, Light- Dark Actionbar, and Default device.
  8. There are also selectable icons for the Android root app.

To download SuperSU apk, you can either directly search for it on google play store or go the following link:


3. iRoot APK

  • iRoot is the latest android root software, released by Chinese developer Magyun team. They are also a developer of a vroot one-click rooting app. iroot is a more potent Android device rooting app that is working at the highest success score among the latest android phone rooting apps.
  • To use this app is easy and safe with a better success rate. Currently iroot android is working with 296,962,580 devices. So from the figure, we can say that it Support thousands of Android phones and the good thing is it is free of cost.

To download iroot, go to the link given below:

iRoot APK

4. Root genius

Root Genius is one of the best one-click rooting application that permits its users to root their Android device in a single click only. It is continuously get updated, and hence you will always find something better from it. We have listed some of its features below:

  • One-Click Root
  • Comes as Portable and Setup App
  • Support recovery root mode
  • Does not install any extra application

To download root genius apk, latest version, go to the link given below:

Root Genius Download

5. KingoRoot

KingoRoot is potential rooting app let you root your Android device. It is a definitive solution for rooting. Along with rooting, you can unroot your device, too using this one click root apps. This software is available for pc, too but only for windows. KingoRoot has become all in one Root explication for all Android device.

To install KingoRoot on Android, follow the step given below:

  • Open your device and go to Settings >> Security >> unknown sources. Enable it to install a third-party app.
  • Now, download ‘KingoRoot APK’ form the link given below and install.
  • After installing successfully, click on the app to launch it.
  • Now, click on the ‘One Click Root’ and wait for a few seconds.

To download it, go the link given below:

KingoRoot Download

6. SRSRoot

Though SRSRoot is less popular yet it is one of the most effective rooting software available for easily root your Android PC. SRSRoot has multiple features that give us permission to gain root access on our Android phones. Don’t worry it is safe.

It is known as one of the best one-click rooting tools, and it is easy to use with just one click, and your device becomes rooted. Even you can unroot your device with a single click. It is free so no worries about spending money.

Here are the Steps to Root Android with SRS Root Tools:

  • At first, enable USB debugging on your Android smartphone device.
  • And next enable Unknown Sources for setting>> security>>unknown device.
  • Download SRS Root tool from the below given link and connect your device to pc.
  • Open SRSRoot tool and Click on ROOT and wait till it’s finished.

To download the latest version of SRSRoot, go to the following link:

SRSRoot Download

7. Framaroot

Framaroot is a rooting software that can use for almost devices. It is developed by Alephzain. You can also unroot Android smartphone. It works on maximum android phones having Android versions 2.0 to 4.2.

Steps to Root Your Android device with Framaroot:

  1. First Download framaroot from the link given below and install it on your device. If it is not installed, then first enable unknown sources from the settings.
  2. After installation, Open Framaroot apk and select Install Superuser option.
  3. Now you can see many features are there. Select any feature, and after a few seconds, it will show the Success message.
  4. If it shows a message like, “Superuser and SU binary installed. You have to reboot your phone/device” then you can start rebooting your phone/device.
  5. In case it shows “Failed, Try another exploit if available,” then try another feature.
  6. After rooting your device, it will show a message like this: “Your Android Phone is Successfully Rooted by Framaroot without using PC.”

To download it, go the link given below:

Framroot Download


It is all about the best rooting apps for android. We hope you like this article if it is so then sharing it with your friends and family member and get total command of your Android device in your hand. Leave your suggestions as well as your doubts in the comment box. Thank you!